Audi a4 b8 3tdi vs 2tfsi Quattro

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Audi a4 b8 3tdi vs 2tfsi Quattro

Postby Schnell19 » Fri Oct 09, 2015 2:32 pm

Hey guys
Looking at buying a b8 platform audi and can't decide between the 3l turbo diesel or the 2l Quattro petrol. I would really love a manual but looking at carsales not many are available. Few questions I would love to ask.

1. I keep reading that the my11 Audi's all got 8speed tiptronics Autos but can't seem to find that on carsales only 7speed. What's the go with that? Did Australia not get the 8speed upgrade?

2. How do Audi's gearboxes handle aftermarket performance I'm looking at just a tune and maybe cai stage 2 stuff.

3. Which of the 2 cars would I have less problems with?

Thanks heaps for all your replies :)

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Re: Audi a4 b8 3tdi vs 2tfsi Quattro

Postby liquidforce » Thu Oct 22, 2015 9:47 am

Hey Schnell19.
The 3l TDI is the go is my personal opinion. You will get a better S-Tronic gearbox, than 8sp Multitronic which is known for problems. 7 speed DSG is a better choice.
#2 Good S-Tronic gearbox wont have to many dramas with your Stage 2 and car. If you boot the car all the time, you are more likely to have them but otherwise you should be fine.
3l tdi is tunable to 400 even more bhp and you will love the torque.
I run a6 3l tdi - 300bhp with Stage 1 with 600 Nm Torque 5.1-> 100 does me well with 5l per 100kmh. S-Tronic gearbox is better for everyday use than the 8sp Multi I have in my other car.
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