Banned from OzAudi.

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Banned from OzAudi.

Postby liquidforce » Thu Aug 21, 2014 9:04 pm

For anyone who visits our forum we owe an explanation why this forum has been created. ... om-au.html
We have approached the OzAudi forum repeatedly with inquiries about sponsoring their forum.
Each and every time we have been refused due to a "sole sponsorship" with a competitor.
Needless to say everyone should know that the owners of forum are deep in someone's pockets and the healthy competition is not welcomed on their forum.
We did not break any rules, nor advertised on the forum but simply wanted to sponsor them.
As the sponsorship was continually refused it was clear to us that its the forum run by a competitor who does not want to hear about genuine retrofits or chip tuning by a different brand or anything else for this matter.

This has planted an idea of opening an alternative forum to and here we are with
Domain was purchased in a standard way through crazy domains and it was available for quite some time.
Maybe JNRdavo got really cosy with his sponsors and basically did not do his job properly, we dont know.
We did not purchase this forum to undermine or to make money out of selling this forum to anyone
The scope of this forum is to slowly build up a bunch of forum members who are happy to say whatever they want.
We also promote healthy competition and we invite any related sponsor to hit us up with any details.
Unlike jnrdavo who only likes certain companies.


A member who is no longer with our forum (because he was trying to sell gear without sponsorship) has registered

We did have the domain name, but it lapsed at Jan, and the registra didn't send out a reminder notification. So, this guy has picked it up.

All is fair, our fault (ok, the registra as well), but this is an obvious attempt to redirect our members to sell them products via another method.

I'm looking to recover it via the .auda. I have made contact with the person involved who has advised he has no interest in releasing the domain name.

I'll keep you posted as the domain registry people listen to our case and make judgement.

Any help in resolving this matter is appreciated. PM me.
thanks to those who have offered to help (and the many PM's I got).

Here is the latest I got this morming. I offered to buy the domain name from him:

"The proper Audi forum concept has been invented after we have repeatedly been denied to sponsor the forum due to another business being the main sponsor.

I know you do not appreciate healthy competition so please be me guest and submit the form.

It is not a proper forum which denies sponsorship to genuine businesses, even if this introduces competition. "

I'm sure that's a matter of opinion, and he is welcome to it. However, to obviously go and register a domain name that we didn't renew in time, with the express interest to divert traffic from our site to his for commercial purposes.... well, you make up your own mind to the ethics that he/they have.

Yes, we do have some exclusive contracts in place, but that is our decision. If we didn't get money from our sponsors, this site would not exist. With over 4 million hits per month on ozAudi alone, and over 35 GB of traffic per month, there are some expenses associated with the running (let alone the software licensing, money for the running of the other ozFamily sites, admin work etc).

Just further on this.

The exclusive options are always being reviewed. It is not set in stone, and each year when the incumbents contract draws near, it's reviewed.

The person in question tried to obtain sponsorship, and wasn't successful. He then continued to try and sell systems via the PM system (spamming), and as such, had several warning. This continued, and he was banned from the site.

The exclusive sponsorships are there as requested by our sponsors, who have been with us for many years, and have been the guys who have been paying for this site that you all use. Call it loyality,or smart business practices, but it's here for the moment. As mentioned previously, we may open this up more in the future if it is in the best interest of the forum.

Sombody(s) have to pay for all this traffic, licensing, and service costs, and our sponsors are the ones. I believe they have also been great advocates for the site, and offer great products, services and pricing.

I would not recommend spamming the other site, and giving him any traffic. Unfortunately there are a lot of people who type in the by mistake, and as such, will be re-directed to his site when their intention was to come here... I'm hoping to get a swift result to this.
Anyone who has been banned from forum please read this: ... 114/page2/

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